Hull Pops Wallet

Introducing “Hull Pops Wallet”

What is it?

Hull Pops Wallet is a way to save money on our website. For each order you place with us you earn a 2% cash back on all products orders. You can then save this money in your wallet and use for money off future orders. – The wallet can also be used as a saving system. You can “Top Up” your wallet at any time, adding funds in to it, so that when you see a product on our website that you want to order you may already have money in your wallet which you have saved up previously to order!

With Hull Pops Wallet you can even transfer money from one person to another. May be your partner/wife/girl friend as ordered before and you want to put your savings together, simply transfer your savings from one wallet to another!

How do I get myself a Hull Pops Wallet?

Simply create an account on our website. Nothing more. It will automatically add any cash back to your account upon each completed order.

What happened to the old “Reward System”?

This has been removed from our website. Any rewards earned in that system have been moved over. (You probably got an email about the top up!)

How do I see how much I have in my Hull Pops Wallet?

Log on to your account and in the menu select “Wallet”









Clicking on the “Wallet” link then brings you a new menu where you can view your balance, see your earnings, any transactions you have completed already and transfer money to another account.












Your current Hull Pops Wallet balance can be seen here too!



How do I know how much cash back I will receive each order?

When you are in your basket at the top, above your items our website will detail how much you will earn in cash back.




This is awesome, but how do I spend my hard earned money?

You can use your money in your Hull Pops Wallet to pay fully or part pay any orders you place on our website. To do this when checking out (Not using the express paypal button) you get the option to “Use” your Wallet funds towards your order. To do so, simply click the ticket box in the checkout.




Once ticked the website will update and deduct your wallet money off the total